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Flooding in Cambodia

Hope for Cambodia Orphanage, which is fully sponsored by our Fellowship, sits in the village of Lveasar along the banks of the massive Mekong River. The river floods every year during rainy season but sometimes it rises much higher than normal. This is such a year.

Almost every building on the campus, including the dorm and kitchen/cafeteria has water in it. Because of that Pastor Sokhom is evacuating all the children out of the village into the city. (He moved the preschoolers to his home in Phnom Penh this past weekend.) We have directed him to spend whatever funds necessary to evacuate them and we will cover the costs. Hopefully we can meet these expenses with funds from our GlobaLocal ministry. I’ll keep you updated.

For now,

  • Please pray for the children’s safety as they leave the village and cross the river. During the dry season it is a mile and a half wide. Now it is much wider and the currents are very strong.
  • Please pray for Pastor Sokhom to be able to find temporary housing for them – not a small task with 60 plus children.
  • Pray that the river will rise no more. The hay for their dairy cows is now being stored on the church’s porch, which is just a few inches above the water line.
  • Please pray for the safety of all the Cambodians, especially small children, living along the Mekong.

Thanks, and live bold,


Aaron Sanders to be Ordained

As a former Student Minister I’ve been privileged to know hundreds of godly teenagers. A handful stood out as being unusually gifted. One of them was Aaron Sanders. He was a 7th grader when I left Orange to move here fifteen years ago. Even at that young age he had the makings of a great leader. I kept up with him. By the time he was in 10th grade I asked Aaron to be an intern for me once he started college. He took me up on that pledge one summer and a few years later came back with his new bride Holly. Now they call the Gulf Coast home.

For the past five and a half years Aaron has been on our Fellowship’s Leadership Team – serving as Student Minister, Teaching Pastor and Co-leader of the Kenya Ministry. Not only has the leadership potential I saw as a 12 year old been realized, God’s calling of ministry is clearly on Aaron. We have chosen to recognize that calling by ordaining him for the Gospel ministry.

You may remember we ordained Robyn Crosby this summer to Chaplain Ministry. Aaron’s ordination is more directed to a Preaching/Teaching ministry. To ordain means to invest officially (as by the laying on of hands) with ministerial or priestly authority. On a practical level, to ordain Aaron means we as a church are affirming him in his call to lifetime vocational ministry.

Join us this Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM in the worship center for Aaron’s Ordination. He’ll share the story of how God called him to become a pastor, I’ll say a few words of challenge and affirmation, and then as a church we’ll offer prayers of commitment for him. This is a special time in Aaron’s life. I hope you can join us Sunday for this very unique service.

Live Bold, Greg

Shouwang Church UpdateFive months and 600 hundred arrests later Beijing police continue to persecute this underground Chinese Church that began worshipping publically the same Sunday we celebrated our 10th Anniversary. More than 160 people were arrested at that first outdoor meeting. Since then I’ve chronicled their ongoing struggle.

Here’s a summary of the subsequent arrests since then: Week 2 (50 arrests), Week 3 (40), Week 4 (30), Week 5 (13), Week 6 (20), Week 7 (25), Week 8 (20), Week 9 (20), Week 10 (14), Week 11 (14), Week 12 (15), Week 13 (19), Week 14 (26), Week 15 (22), Week 16 (35), Week 17 (22), Week 18 (11), Week 19 (16), Week 20 (7), Week 21 (15), Week 22 (12). 

Pray for our Christian brothers and sisters in the persecuted church in China.