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A New Church in Galveston

I can’t tell you how pleased I was Sunday at your response to the announcement of the opportunity we have to start, or actually re-plant, a new church in Galveston under the leadership of our own Aaron Sanders. Though we all feel sadness at the prospect of saying goodbye to Aaron, Holly, Ethan & Ella, it was encouraging to see how quickly you accepted as “normal” that we would plant a new church. That is worth celebrating. Your reaction demonstrated our church’s heart for reaching the unchurched, even at great cost to our Fellowship.

But the cost will be worth it as people on the island who live far from God hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus Christ. That is a vision worthy of our best efforts. Once we complete the discussion process, and pending the church’s approval of this new church start, Aaron will lead an Interest Meeting in mid-December for those interested in being on the launch team.

For now, I want to invite you come back to our worship center Sunday after church at 12:45 p.m. for a Q&A session about how the church in Galveston will affect things like our staffing, budget process and Student Ministry here in Southern Brazoria County.


This is an exciting time for our fellowship!


Live bold, Greg


nextSTEP now – the Vision Expands

Site work on our land is well underway in preparation for the start of construction next year. But that is only a part of the picture of what God has been doing in our Fellowship as we move towards relocating our church’s home to the beautiful location God provided us on the Brazoria Road.

This month marks the one year point of our three year nextSTEP now Capital Campaign. So I’d like to bring you up to date this Sunday on the building’s progress and what lies ahead for its construction.  Then, I have an exciting announcement to make…

Even as we work to build our new home – a launching pad to share the Good News – construction is not our mission. Our mission is people, guiding them to take their next step with God, especially the unchurched. With that in mind, I am thrilled to let you know about an amazing opportunity God has placed before us to expand our reach to the unchurched. I hope you’ll be here Sunday to hear about it.


Live bold, Greg


Have you heard about this?

  The Event: Fashion for a Purpose

Saturday, November 5th at the Dow Academic Center


A group of individuals from our Fellowship formed a non-profit organization earlier this year – Compassion4 – to tackle the giant task of transitioning the orphans we sponsor in Cambodia into successful adulthood. The Event is a fashion show featuring clothes made by our partners in Cambodia. Proceeds from the sale of those clothes will help operate the new Compassion4 Transition Home in Phnom Penh.  To learn more or to purchase tickets please click here: The Event.