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Christmas Eve-Eve – CLEAR!

December 23rd – 5:00, 6:10, 7:20 or 8:30

Bring your unchurched friends and family to one of our four Christmas Eve-Eve services and we’ll share the meaning of Christmas in a creative, compelling and very CLEAR way. Our CEE crowds are always large so remember these things to make it a great experience for them.

    • If possible, come to the 5:00 or 8:30 service where space is ample.
    • Remember though, no childcare will be available at 8:30
    • Play with preschoolers in a second or even third service – email to get a time to serve
    • Help guests find seats when it gets crowded – email to serve as an usher
    • Park out back, sit up front, shift to the right to make room for our guests.

See you tomorrow night,

Live bold, Greg

Holiday Service Schedule:

 Sunday December 25th

No services on Christmas Day

Spend Christmas morning with your family

 Sunday January 1st

Only two services on New Year’s Day

9:45 & 11:11 

Thank You BPF!

A Generous Gift – I’m so grateful for the many ways you support the work of the Kingdom of God through our Fellowship. We collected our World Missions Offering on December 4th but more came in this past Sunday. Your gifts have climbed to almost $18,000. Other than last year’s nextSTEP now tithe, this will be the largest gift we’ve ever sent to the International Mission Board. I’d love to see our giving top twenty thousand, so if you haven’t yet participated, please join us.

The votes are in – And you said YES! In an almost unanimous vote you said yes to Aaron & Holly Sanders, the members of University Baptist Church and the unchurched people of Galveston when you affirmed plans to re-plant a church on the island. Coastal Community Church will be our first satellite church, though we’ve helped plant nine other churches since we were first planted. It’s not too late to get on board the vision trip to Galveston this Sunday afternoon from 4:00-8:00 PM. Sign up Sunday at the Next Step Center.

You also said yes to our 2012 Budget and new Advisors Matt Hiatt and Jackie Fuller. Matt & Jackie will join Fonda Hundl, Kevin Johnson, Janis Kennedy, Jimmie Lapier, & John Rodriguez on the BPF Advisory Team. They’ll oversee the budget, advise our Leadership Team and help guide us along a unique journey next year as we start a new church, search for a new Student Minister, and begin construction on our permanent home on the Brazoria Road.

As we move into our second decade let’s remember a few words and phrases that have served us well along the way: it’s not about us, a church for the unchurched, everybody serves, shift, give and it will be given to you, others, and take your next step with God. 


I’ll see you Sunday with more HEADLINES.


Live bold, Greg


Bring friends to Christmas Eve-Eve

December 23rd – 5:00, 6:10, 7:20 or 8:30

Big Decisions This Sunday!

Sunday morning we will make some very important decisions. We’ve had several Q&A sessions on these, but here’s a summary of them and bios on our proposed new Advisory Team members.

A new church – Last month our Student Minister Aaron Sanders told us of the journey he and Holly have been on the past year – their realization a new season is beginning in their lives as Aaron transitions from Student Minister to Lead Pastor. Their journey involves a small church in Galveston, University Baptist Church, voting to disband and give its property and buildings to Brazos Pointe Fellowship (pending our approval) to re-plant them as a new church with a new vision. And that journey engages our church in starting its first satellite congregation. A vote yes is a commitment on our part to support this new work prayerfully, financially and personally.

2012 Ministry Budget– In the coming year we will be increasing ministry budgets and adding part time staff positions to keep up with the growth we’ve seen this past year. We will be setting aside more resources to prepare for the increased debt service we will begin carrying in the later part of 2013. And of course we will be supporting the new church in Galveston. The result of these opportunities and responsibilities is a 2012 Budget with a modest increase of 7%.We will be setting aside more resources to prepare for the increased debt service we will begin carrying on our new facility in the later part of 2013.

Advisory Team – This team of seven men & women (Fonda Hundl, Kevin Johnson, Janis Kennedy, Jimmie Lapier, Mark Monical, John Rodriguez & Cindy Ullrich) oversee our financial decisions & operations and serve as an accountability council to our Leadership Team in general and to me directly. Mark & Cindy will complete their five year rotations this month. Our Leadership Team has nominated Matt Hiatt and Jackie Fuller to replace them.

Jackie Fuller has been a member of BPF for three years and currently serves on the Prayer Team and the Lord’s Supper Team.  She has served as Executive Director of the Pregnancy Help Center for 16 years and Executive Director of Safe Haven for three years.  She and her best friend Bobby have been married for 35 years and lead a Small Group together.  Bobby is the director of Texas Port Ministry They have a wonderful family in Beaumont – daughter Jenny, son-in-law Brian, and three beautiful granddaughters, Brynn Lee (7), Normandy Jade (5), and Jewel AnnMarie (1). Bobby and Jackie are enjoying this season of life, especially the part of being BeBob and MeMom.

 Matthew Hiatt has been a member of BPF for four years. He has been a Small Group Leader for the last three years, has served globally on our Bolivia team, and volunteers in the Pointe Guards ministry. The two most important people in Matt’s life are his wonderful wife, Lindsey, and his awesome 19 month old son, Patrick. When he’s not hanging out with them, he works as an engineer at the South Texas Project nuclear power plant where he’s been since graduating from Texas A&M with a BS and MS in Nuclear Engineering.  Matt is looking forward to serving on the advisory team as part of giving back to the members of BPF who have done so much for him and his family.

Thanks for taking the time to read about these big decisions. After reflecting on them and praying for our church’s future, I hope you will be in worship Sunday morning to vote your approval for these long reaching choices. And while you’re there you can catch up on the week’s “Headlines”

Live bold, Greg

It’s not too late to participate in our World Missions Offering.

Total received to date: $16,065.21!

World Missions Offering – December 4th

I love participating in international missions! I think it’s because missions is a priority of every church I’ve been a member of. In each of them we would collect three offerings a year – one for state, one for national and one for international missions. When we started Brazos Pointe we decided to take just one mission offering a year and put the emphasis on world missions.

We chose to make it a “Thanksgiving Offering” as a way of expressing our gratitude to God for all He has done for us this past year. Each year we have given a large percentage of the offering to the International Mission Board (IMB), a smaller percentage to the North American Mission Board (NAMB), and designated the rest to a special project in one of our four partner countries.

This year we have chosen the IMB as the main recipient for our 2011 World Missions Offering. The “project” is to send prospective missionaries who are ready to go if the funds are available.  Because of the stale economy these past few years the IMB has had to cut back on the number of people it sends. We want to change that! God has blessed us financially during this economic downturn so this is our opportunity to pass those blessings on to others.

Your generous gifts this season will support the work of nearly 5000 missionaries around the world, one of whom is our own Greg Johnson; currently on a two-year IMB mission in the Amazon Jungle of Brazil. Our hope of course, is to help send even more folks to places where people have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. As always, a portion of the World Mission Offering (10% this year) will be directed to NAMB to help start new churches in unchurched areas across the U.S.

Please continue to pray about your participation in this offering on Sunday, and ask God to show you how you can give more generously than ever.


Live bold, Give bold,


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