World Missions Offering – December 4th

I love participating in international missions! I think it’s because missions is a priority of every church I’ve been a member of. In each of them we would collect three offerings a year – one for state, one for national and one for international missions. When we started Brazos Pointe we decided to take just one mission offering a year and put the emphasis on world missions.

We chose to make it a “Thanksgiving Offering” as a way of expressing our gratitude to God for all He has done for us this past year. Each year we have given a large percentage of the offering to the International Mission Board (IMB), a smaller percentage to the North American Mission Board (NAMB), and designated the rest to a special project in one of our four partner countries.

This year we have chosen the IMB as the main recipient for our 2011 World Missions Offering. The “project” is to send prospective missionaries who are ready to go if the funds are available.  Because of the stale economy these past few years the IMB has had to cut back on the number of people it sends. We want to change that! God has blessed us financially during this economic downturn so this is our opportunity to pass those blessings on to others.

Your generous gifts this season will support the work of nearly 5000 missionaries around the world, one of whom is our own Greg Johnson; currently on a two-year IMB mission in the Amazon Jungle of Brazil. Our hope of course, is to help send even more folks to places where people have yet to hear the Good News of Jesus Christ. As always, a portion of the World Mission Offering (10% this year) will be directed to NAMB to help start new churches in unchurched areas across the U.S.

Please continue to pray about your participation in this offering on Sunday, and ask God to show you how you can give more generously than ever.


Live bold, Give bold,


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