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This Sunday at BPF!

Commissioning a New Church in Galveston

Hosting “Infused” for Parents & Volunteers

Every Sunday’s an exciting day at BPF but this coming one has some big extras. They’ll highlight our mission and vision and paint a clear picture of two of our core values.

Outward Focus – It’s not about us. It’s about Jesus Christ. And this Sunday it’s also about helping re-plant a church in Galveston. Aaron Sanders, new Lead Pastor of Coastal Community Church will be back to conclude our Unstoppable message series. Following his sermon we will commission members of the new church in each service. You’re in for a treat Sunday as you hear what God is doing on the Island.

Faith At Home –Though our church can offer a strong and positive impact on your child’s faith, your home life will have far and away the greatest spiritual influence. Yet if we combine our efforts and work together we can accomplish more for our children than our best efforts working separately. Two is greater than one plus one. To accomplish this I want to invite every parent and every volunteer from our children and student ministries to come back Sunday afternoon from 3:00 to 5:30 for infuzed. I’ll be there, because we’re better together.

Live bold,



Loving Well – I love what time spent at our annual Women’s Retreat does each year for the ladies who participate. I hope most of you can go this year. Sunday is the last day of registration for this relaxing, yet energizing weekend, so make yourself a reminder to sign up.

Read the Bible …or listen to it!

Please read the Bible. We’ve been calling BPF out to simply make the practice of reading the Bible a daily habit. Why? Because this practice-discipline-custom-routine-pattern… whatever you want to call it, will do more to help you grow spiritually than anything else.

 When you grow spiritually the world makes more sense, relationships grow healthier, work and school become more purposeful, joy and fullness of life come into focus, and God becomes more real to you.

 You can read books, listen to podcasts, go to church/small group five times a week and none of that will reach deeper into your soul than will the personal time you spend with God reading, reviewing and meditating on His Word, the Bible.

 We’ve offered two plans for you at the Next Step Center

  • The One Year Bible in easy to read New Living Translation format
  • The E-100 Challenge – a 100 day plan using any translation you prefer

If those haven’t connected, here’s a different approach with several more ideas. My daughter-in-law Noelle commutes to work in the Fort Worth area. She listens to the Bible as she drives. Noelle told me about these reading plans offered by Crossway, publishers of the newer English Standard Version Bible (a very accurate and readable translation). Check them out.


And live bold,



 To podcast a plan in order to listen on your commute:

  • Go to this link: 10 Bible Reading Plans
  • Right-click (Ctrl-click on a Mac) the “RSS” link of the feed you want.
  • Choose “Copy Link Location” or “Copy Shortcut.”
  • Start iTunes.
  • Choose Advanced > Subscribe to Podcast
  • Paste the URL from step three into the box.
  • Click OK.


The Year Ahead in 2012

This new year offers several bold and challenging opportunities for our church – planting a new fellowship in Galveston, constructing new facilities here, and adding new staff on our team.

Coastal Community Church – On January 1st new Lead Pastor Aaron Sanders gathered folks from BPF with former members of University Baptist Church to form a launch team for a new work on the Island. This coming Sunday at 5:30 PM they will host a Vision Night in Galveston for everyone interested in reaching out to unchurched folks there with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Contact Aaron if you want to join the cause –

nextSTEP Now – The work of building up the pad for our new facilities on the Brazoria Road is complete. Now we wait around six months for the dirt to settle. Construction documents have also been finalized. Our next steps include bringing a water line to the property, building a pump station for the retention pond, and interviewing and selecting a general contractor. We hope to begin construction sometime this summer.

New Faces on Staff – After serving as an intern with us the past two summers I’m pleased to announce we have hired Kaitlin Staples to join our Children’s Ministry Team beginning this month. Kaitlin graduated from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in December earning a Bachelor of Arts in Christian Ministry with a Minor in Preschool & Children’s Ministry. For now she will serve part time with us and is looking for other part time work as well.

With Aaron’s move to Galveston, Amy Wheeler has now assumed the duties of Interim Student Minister here at BPF while we search for the new Student Minister God is planning to send us. Over the past several weeks we have received dozens of resumes from all over the country, and a few overseas. A Student Minister Search Team consisting of myself, Amy, Ex. Pastor Kirk Willson, Children’s Ministries Director Kathy Peters, Scott Henderson, Paula Jones and Jennifer Armstrong have been reviewing these resumes and following up on several of them. Please pray for us as we seek to discern God’s man to partner with parents to lead our students and student volunteers.

Added to all the other opportunities we have, these big challenges ought to make for an exciting 2012 for Brazos Pointe.  I hope you are as eager as I am to embrace them!

Live bold, Greg