2012 – A Great Giving Year!

Last month when Kirk Willson wasn’t coordinating logistics for the launch of our new satellite church, or leading the search for our next Student Minister, or talking with architects, engineers or bankers about the building construction, he managed to close out the books on the 2012 Budget. I was amazed at his year-end report. I want you to see this.

Memo: From Kirk Willson

2011 was an incredible year for BPF financially.  Our total undesignated receipts for the year exceeded our budget of $1,610,000 by almost $82,000.  In addition, we received just over $585,000 in 2011 toward our capital campaign for the new building.

The excess receipts allowed us to do several extra things in 2011.  The 2012 funding for Coastal Community Church of $40,000 ($33,000 from general budget and $7,000 from GlobaLocal) came from 2011 receipts.  We were also able to pay off the office building note 11 months early.  The money in the 2012 budget for the office building note payment will be added to the Dixie Drive building note payment each month as extra principle payments in 2012.

God continues to bless BPF in so many ways, including financially.  2012 started off great as well.  Our undesignated receipts for January 2012 were $24,000 more than January of 2011.

God has blessed our church with a strong core of members who give boldly and sacrificially. You have not only joined the community of Christ, you have also embraced the cause of Christ, sharing His good news both here and around the world. Thank you for owning the vision of a church for the unchurched.

God has also blessed us with great leadership in every facet of church life, not the least of which is administration, where Kirk has led us wisely for so many years. Thank Kirk for his leadership next time you see him.

Live bold,


Loving Well – Ladies, thanks for signing up for this year’s Women’s Retreat and bringing so many of your friends along. Have a great weekend. I hope you come back refreshed.

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