Most people think pleasing God depends on how good a person we are. If you’re good enough, it stands to reason that God will be pleased with you, and when you die He’ll let you into heaven. If that’s true, then how good is good enough? And another thing – if being good is the goal, then what was the cross for? Was Jesus’ death for our sins enough?

This Easter at Brazos Pointe I’ll explore those two questions as we host our biggest crowds of the year. I hope you’ll make extra efforts to invite and bring your unchurched friends and family. We have three services to choose from. To make room for everyone it’s essential we’re spread evenly across all three. Consider shifting down to the 8:30 service to make room in the other two. If you attend the 9:45 service please plan to serve at 8:30 or 11:11 am.

God seems to work overtime on Easter bringing people to us who might not come any other time. Let’s join His work and help people take their next steps with God. And pray specifically that many of those steps will be over the line of faith.

Live bold, Greg

9:45 Service Alert! There is possibility we will have an overflow crowd at this service on Easter. If we reach that point we will, for safety purposes, close the doors and ask folks to wait and come back at 11:11. Please be understanding if that happens.



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