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May 20, 2012 – Bring Your Own Shovel

On this historic day Brazos Pointe Fellowship will officially begin construction on our new worship center and children’s building on the Brazoria Road with a Groundbreaking and Baptism Celebration. Most groundbreaking festivities are limited to a few people ceremonially “turning over a shovelful of dirt.” We think everybody ought to share in the experience so we decided to create something uniquely BPF and invite families, couples and individuals to bring your own shovel.

Our first motto was everybody serves. Our newest can be everybody shovels. Well, maybe not, but you get the idea. Here’s another idea. Consider painting / personalizing your shovel in a way that symbolizes your connection to BPF. You could paint the BPF logo or Kenyan flag or BigStuf icon on it. Perhaps write your family’s name or the name of an unchurched person you are praying for on the blade or handle. Creativity is one of our core values so make the most of it.

Is Your Next Step Baptism?

Have you publically declared your faith in Jesus Christ through believer’s baptism? Here’s the best opportunity yet. As part of the Groundbreaking Celebration we will set up a pool in front of the building pad. You can be one of the first ever to be baptized at our future home on the Brazoria Road. Contact Randy Dane, if you’d like to join that group.

Live bold, Greg

Building Updates

  • The City of Lake Jackson has approved our plans and issued the building permit
  • We have hired Manhattan Construction to be our building contractor. Manhattan has extensive experience ranging from small buildings to Reliant & Cowboy Stadiums.


Thank You from Chris & Jennifer

Hello BPF,

Jennifer and I are very excited to join the team here at Brazos Pointe. Our welcome into this community has been out of this world. The meals, gift cards, dinner invites, & phone calls have made us feel very welcome. We have already begun to make new friendships and are looking forward to making many more. I cannot say thank you enough.  We know that God has special things planned for the future of Brazos Pointe and we feel very privileged to be part of it. I look forward to getting to know our students and their families. Please let me know if I can serve you in any way.

God Bless,

Chris Watson
Student Minister

Welcome the Watsons

Sunday will be an exciting day as we welcome Chris Watson, our new Student Minister, his wife Jennifer, and sons Nathan & Ethan to Brazos Pointe Fellowship. We will begin their ministry here this Sunday afternoon with a Reception at 3:00 PM in the All Star Room. To give them a warm welcome we have a tradition of “carding” our new Pastors. Here’s how it works. Bring a gift card – any kind: restaurant, grocery, hardware or department store, iTunes, etc. – and give it to them at the reception.

Moving is always stressful. This will help take off the edge. Thanks ahead of time for being such a gracious and generous fellowship.

Live bold, Greg