Worship Pastor Search

I thought you may be interested in what we are doing to discover who will be our next Worship Pastor. After Jason told us he and Stephanie had discerned that God was in fact leading them to take their next step to Okinawa, Japan, we began a process to see who God was leading to come here.

Recently we placed ads in several on-line ministry search listings. From those ads we have received a lot of interest. Next we formed a Worship Pastor Search Team consisting of Kristin Henderson, Maury McCown, Lisa Calhoun, Kirk Willson, Randy Dane, and myself. We have looked through and prayed over scores of resumes. As several more continue to come in each day we have been narrowing them down to ones that match our needs, culture and doctrine.

Please pray for both us and the godly people who have applied for this position as we seek to discover God’s will for us in this process.

And continue to pray for Jason & Stephanie and their children as they prepare to leave our church family and unite with another fellowship overseas. The Church is one family under Christ’s leadership. He moves family members (including many of you) in and out of different church homes to accomplish His purposes around the world. As He leads Jason and Stephanie to serve with the “church family” in Okinawa He will lead another person or family here. It’s all in his plan.

Live bold, Greg

Groundbreaking & Baptism – May 20th – 2:00 PM

Remember to make plans for our Groundbreaking Celebration on the 20th.  Everybody bring a shovel and if you haven’t been baptized since you stepped over the line of faith, this is your time!

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