Groundbreaking & Baptism – A Look Back

Wow, what an incredible day. God provided perfect weather and a scenic backdrop with the lake. Add the great crowd into the picture and we experienced one of BPF’s most memorable days yet!

When I think about what I enjoyed most about the day, without question, it was the baptism. Seeing evidence of lives changed never gets old, and, it reinforces our mission. After that, I can’t decide what image was most memorable – families picnicking under the huge shade trees, hundreds of people holding shovels, the themes painted on many of them, the faces of people from Coastal Community, our satellite church in Galveston, families posing for pictures, little boys along the shore throwing dirt clods into the water, the excitement on your faces as Kirk described our future home, Jason’s dedication prayer…it was all so meaningful. Then Sunday evening I lost track of time on Facebook looking at countless pictures you posted and reading comments from members of our Fellowship both present and past.

As I reflect on the significance of it all I have these three thoughts. First – God has blessed us tremendously. It’s hard to describe the deep sense of gratitude I feel for all He’s given us. Next – although we have changed much over the past 11 years (which is healthy) our vision of a church for the unchurched has not wavered. And our passion to maintain an outward focus still burns brightly. Finally – we haven’t come close to accomplishing our task of connecting people far from God with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Because the larger we grow, the number of unchurched folks in our community seems to grow even greater. In short, we still have work to do, so…

Live bold, Greg

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