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Vision Leaks

I heard that phrase shortly after we launched Brazos Pointe Fellowship and must confess I didn’t quite understand what it meant. I do now. It means that in spite of how passionate we are about a vision that has captured our attention, energy and commitment; we still tend to forget the basics of that vision as we get busy with life.

  • Purpose Driven Church
  • A church for the unchurched
  • We want to change the way you think about church!
  • Everybody Serves
  • 3 minute rule
  • Weekend Experience, Small Groups, Volunteer Ministry, Catalyst
  • Next step with God
  • NextSTEP Now

All are familiar phrases, but do you remember how we make each of them happen? More importantly, could there be newer, more effective ways to express them?

For several months now our Leadership Team has been preparing a special event that will re-energize the mission and vision God has given us here at BPF. We’re calling it…

ATV – Advance the Vision

I invite you to mark Wednesday, September 5th on your calendar and plan to join us for a special evening of stories, reminders and new ideas that will help us embrace anew the vision that continues to change lives forever as we guide people to take their next step with God.

Live bold, Greg

Greg Johnson will be with us this Sunday to talk about his adventures sharing the Good News of Jesus in the Amazon Jungle these past two years. Come early and get a good seat!