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I see work has begun!

For years the question I’ve heard from friends in the community has been, “When are you guys going to start building?” I’m sure you’ve heard it too. Somehow telling them about wetlands studies, water line right-of-ways, core samples, digging a retention pond, building a pad, and finally, removing overfill dirt… never seemed to connect with them. They would simply smile, respond with “that’s great” and walk away thinking, “They haven’t started yet.”

But now, isn’t it fun when people come up and say, “I see work has begun!” That’s right, it has. Now we can see heavy machinery, survey stakes and people moving around. Work has begun in earnest. A new entrance has been installed and site work is well underway as work on drainage, utilities, parking lots and the foundation are now moving forward.

This time next year we should be worshiping in our new home. But let’s remember that our church is as it always has been – a group of people united by the lordship of Jesus Christ, following where He leads, and guiding people far from God to take their next step with Him. As we walk through a series of last times this year – last fall at Dixie Drive, last Christmas Eve-Eve, last Easter – let’s continue being who God called us to be, a church for the unchurched.

Live bold, Greg