Going Coastal

I finally got to visit Coastal Community Church this past Sunday. Coastal is our church’s Galveston campus. I saw familiar faces of BPF folks who have moved to the island to help start the church, as well as those who make the hour drive each week. I visited with people we met last year who were members of the church that used to gather there before we came in and helped them “replant the church” with a new identity and vision.

The best part though, was seeing nearly 200 new faces. Many of them are college students new to the island, but most were likely unchurched who don’t connect with more traditional churches. Coastal is making a difference in the lives of people who are far from God, but desiring to know more about him in an environment that is welcoming.

That’s why Aaron Sanders and his launch team are there, and it’s why we are still here in Brazoria County building a church for the unchurched, guiding people to take their next step with God. Folks at Coastal invite everybody they meet to their new church. That’s something we can keep doing here as well. Let’s all try to invite at least one person to the Pointe this weekend.

Live bold, Greg


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