Easter at Brazos Pointe

March 31st will mark the last Easter we will experience at our Dixie Dr. location in Clute. And it looks to be our most powerful one yet. Over the past year God has done amazing things in our community of faith. You will hear one of those stories Easter Sunday as we consider what happens when life doesn’t turn out as you had hoped, or expected.

That’s what every follower of Jesus experienced when he was suddenly whisked away, falsely accused and then executed just days after it seemed everything they had hoped for was coming together. When all your dreams and expectations come crashing down around you on Friday, what do you do on Saturday?

You’ll be encouraged not only by what happened 2000 years ago with Jesus and his followers, but also by what God is still doing in the lives of those who love him today. You will also want to invite your unchurched family and friends to be here for the hope and inspiration Easter at BPF can bring. 

If you attend the 9:45 service I’d like you to strongly consider shifting down to 8:30 where we have plenty of room for the overflow crowds Easter brings. If you come at 11:11, please either stay put there or shift to 8:30. We could also use your help in our children’s area making the Easter experience for them fantastic as well.

Grab some Easter invite cards this weekend and start making plans for Easter 2013!

Live bold,


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