Easter at Brazos Pointe

What a Day!

Thank you Brazos Pointe for the team effort you gave to make Sunday a welcoming place for the scores (probably hundreds) of unchurched who attended. From the survey we took, we know that at least 24 people stepped over the line of faith and another 16 indicated they were considering it. Here’s the survey count:

788 marked A – Already a follower of Jesus Christ
24 marked B – Began the Journey Today
16 marked C – Considering following Jesus
2 marked D – Don’t plan to become a Christ Follower
(I always appreciate the honesty of those who mark “D.”)

I got a Facebook message from a mom who said her adult child had claimed not to believe in the existence of God, but Sunday wrote “C” on her Welcome Card. That person, along with many others, obviously took their next step with God.

In all we had 1532 folks in our three worship services plus 384 children. It’s the most children we’ve ever had. News was even better at Coastal Community Church, our one year old Galveston campus. After starting the day at sunrise baptizing nine folks at the beach, they had 424 in four worship services, plus 61 children. So for the first time, our combined fellowships had over 2000 (2401 in all) on Easter Sunday!

You made it happen

  • when you invited your friends – way to pass out those invite cards!
  • when you parked in back and sat up front
  • when you volunteered to help with the Children’s Team
  • when you SHIFTED down to the 8:30 service (417 of you!)
  • when you made a great First Impression on the Hospitality Team
  • when you SHIFTED across the room from the entrances
  • when you promoted Easter at Brazos Pointe on Facebook
  • when you sang your hearts out in worship
  • when you made BPF a safe and accepting place so people like Erika – whose story you heard Sunday – could come, discover Jesus, heal and grow in her faith

The really cool news is that thousands of churches around the world experienced the same power of God Sunday as we all celebrated the Good News of Jesus’ sacrificial death and triumphant resurrection!

Let’s keep the momentum going as we begin Love Song this Sunday – a six week message series about love, dating, marriage, conflict and lifelong commitment. It’s based on a poetic book in the Bible’s Old Testament, called Song of Songs. Love Song is for everyone who’s ever been married or hopes to be married.

I’ll see you Sunday.

Live Bold, Greg

More on the Survey:

As we continue to follow up on all the Welcome Cards from Sunday I had to share a few things that made it fun to read them.

  • Some decided to grade themselves; we saw several A pluses, A minuses and a few B pluses.
  • Under the question “What is the best way for BPF to contact you?” one man wrote: My wife!
  • Still others checked email or call me – but left no email address or phone number

Thanks for keeping us smiling!

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