A Time to Express Thanks

If you see a turtle sitting on a fence post, you know he had help getting there. I often quote that old East Texas proverb at weddings to help brides and grooms appreciate the role others, especially their families, have had in getting them to the altar.

This Sunday Brazos Pointe Fellowship will be 12 years old and it’s good to remember we had help getting here. Our parent church, First Baptist Lake Jackson and then pastor John Hatch, unselfishly sent us out with their blessings to give this “church for the unchurched” approach a try. And we’ve endeavored to pay that gift forward by helping start 10 churches in the years since.

But you can never say thanks enough. That’s why, beginning with our first birthday back in 2002, we decided to collect a World Missions Offering each year as a way of expressing our gratitude to God for all He’s allowed us to experience through our Fellowship. For a few years we moved the offering to the Thanksgiving season, but we recently decided to shift it back to our church’s birthday.

Here’s how it works. A portion of it is usually designated to a cause or ministry with which we are directly involved; and the rest goes to world and national missions through our partners at the International (IMB) and North American (NAMB) Mission Boards.

100% of our World Mission Offering will go outside of our church. 75% of your gifts of gratitude will go to World Missions through the two mission boards mentioned above. Most of that will be spent in overseas ministry. This year we will give the remaining 25% of our gifts to the Texas Port Ministry, which is based in Freeport, TX. Texas Port Ministry exists to provide spiritual, social and physical care to the Freeport Harbor Community. That includes seafarers, truck drivers, and local folks who work in and around the Port. TPM is the most comprehensive ministry I know of, sharing the Good News of Jesus locally, nationally and internationally.

We will collect this World Missions Offering on Sunday, April 28th. I hope you will begin now praying about your part in it. What better way to express thankfulness for the generosity that gave us birth than to support others around the world who also strive to reach the unchurched with the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Live Bold, Give Bold,


April is a big month of Anniversaries for BPF!

Happy 1st Birthday to our Galveston campus, Coastal Community Church

Happy 1st Anniversary to Chris Watson, our Student Minister

Happy 1st Anniversary to Michelle Harrison, our Ministry and Missions Associate.

Happy 10th Anniversary to Kirk Willson, our Executive Pastor

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