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World Missions Offering Report!

How do I say thank you for expressing your gratitude?  As I look at the totals for our World Mission Offering – an offering we take each year to express gratitude to God for all He’s done for us – I want to say thanks to you for your generosity.  So thank you!

At this point you have given over $21,000 as an offering of thanks to God.  Those gifts are in addition to your regular tithes and offerings and in addition to your nextSTEP now gifts to the building campaign.  I am so proud of you.

I want you to know how your gifts will be used to share the Good News of Jesus around the world.  Each year the majority of our World Missions Offering is sent to our two largest mission partners – the International Mission Board (IMB), and the North American Mission Board (NAMB).  The IMB gives full support to 5000 missionaries in virtually every country of the world, including the most dangerous ones. NAMB subsidizes the salaries of another 5000 missionaries here in the US in places like Seattle, WA where less than 5% of the population claims to be Christian.  We actually give a small percentage of every dollar we receive throughout the year to NAMB and the IMB, but this offering gives them an extra boost.

The remainder of our World Missions Offering each year usually goes to one of our partners with whom we have a direct and more personal relationship.  This year’s highlighted partner is the Texas Port Ministry, located right here in our community.  We’ll give 25% of the offering – at least $5250 at this point – to Bobby Fuller’s team of volunteers to share the Good News of Jesus Christ with seafarers from around the world, truck drivers from all over North America, and local port workers who live next door to you and me.

Brazos Pointe, you have been generous.  You have expressed your gratitude well.

Live Bold,


Still want to give but haven’t been able to yet?

Just pick up a World Missions Offering envelope this Sunday at the Welcome Center or Next Step Counter and drop your gift in the offering basket.