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The Donut Hole Church

A few weeks ago I noticed a post on Facebook I just had to pass along. Hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did. There’s nothing profound about it, no deep spiritual truths, just a delightful glimpse at our church through the eyes of a preschooler…and a few others. Thank you Keila Grable for letting me share this with our Fellowship.

Little story…
Something on the counter this morning reminded Abigail of donut holes from church. She usually gets a couple donut holes before going to her class. She bugged me about going to get donuts, so I told her I’d take her after she took a bath. Finally ready to go, I asked her “are you ready to go get donut holes from Shipley’s?” She says “No mommy, I want to get them from church!” I tried explaining to her the church gets them from Shipley’s. But what really cracked me up was when I started to turn into Shipley’s, she said “No mommy, church is that way!” – and pointed to the church entrance!! She was adamant about going to church – so we got a bag of donut holes and drove through the church parking lot to make her feel better.
It’s funny to me that she associates donuts with church – because even when others ask “what church do you attend?” and I respond with “Brazos Pointe”, the very next question very often is “the church that serves donuts?” Yes – and I love BPF!

When we set out 12 years ago to change the way people think about church, that wasn’t exactly what we had in mind, but we’ll own it. It makes me wonder – What else are we known for? You might ask your friends that question. It could be a way to open a conversation giving you the opportunity to talk about what Jesus has done for you. At the least, you could use it to invite them to church this Sunday for Father’s Day, where Dads can get donut holes…and a special manly treat on top of that!

Live Bold, and pass the donut holes,