The Best Is Yet To Come!

We open a new chapter in the life of Brazos Pointe Fellowship this weekend. We have waited patiently and worked very hard to get here. Last week, we looked back with gratefulness over 8 Years at Dixie Drive. This Sunday July 28th will be a time to celebrate, because our best days are ahead of us. In fact, that’s our theme for Sunday.

We are calling Sunday a soft opening. There will be great joy, but we’ll save a few things for our Grand Opening on August 25th. There will also be some changes; and with change we have to think differently. Many of those changes are related to parking.

At Dixie Drive we had four entrances. Now we have one, the West Driveway. Coming from Freeport, Clute, Richwood, Lake Jackson, or Angleton – turn into the second driveway on the left. If you’re arriving from Brazoria, West Columbia, Sweeny, or anywhere West of the Brazos – it’s the first one on the right.

In the past we’ve said “Park in Back, Sit up Front.” That mantra will have to be adjusted. Now it’s “Park Wherever You’re Directed,” unless you arrive early as a volunteer. If you try to jockey for a better space, or even be noble and park further away than directed, you may unintentionally clog the system we have painstakingly designed. That could back up traffic out on the highway and create a safety problem.

Safety isn’t our only concern. We have a limited number of spaces. So if at all possible, please come in one car. Now that we no longer have three services, there’s less reason for couples/families who serve a second hour to arrive in two or more vehicles. If you come to the 9:15 service, please don’t linger afterwards, at least not the first few weeks. Unless you’re volunteering at 10:45, we need your parking space.

After you finally get parked, you can ride the golf carts up to the front door. Once inside we still want you to “Sit up Front,” but now it’s “Shift to the Left.” If you have grown comfortable sitting in the back section, I’m asking you to move up to the main sections and leave those back seats wide open for guests who may be nervous about coming to a new place. Change is hard for them too. Remember our core value of an Outward Focus…think about others. That’s why we’re doing all this.

I’ll see you Sunday.

Live bold,


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