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Excitement is Building for September 8th

Before I talk about the September 8th launch of What On Earth Am I Here For? you need to know what a successful Grand Opening we had last Sunday. We’re averaging 400 more folks per week than we were before the move.  Even though our attendance Sunday was about the same as it has been the previous few weeks, we had A LOT of first time guests at our Grand Opening. They’re not just coming from the LJ/C/R area either. A great many of them are coming from West of the Brazos, Angleton and Freeport. Thanks for making room for them with your big SHIFT to the front and left of the auditorium and to the center of each section. It really made a difference! Thanks also for allowing me to be free to visit with those first time guests.

The weather didn’t dampen our festivities, or hurt our parking. We were able to park almost every vehicle on pavement or the new gravel lots. Sunday afternoon we baptized 25 folks in an atmosphere that was both humbling and inspiring in spite of the rain. God has blessed our community as more and more folks are going public with their faith in Jesus after stepping over the line of faith.

As if that’s not enough to be grateful for, we’re about to top off the move to our new home with our greatest Spiritual Growth Campaign ever. What On Earth Am I Here For? starts in just over a week. We’re joining the Weekend Experience, Small Groups and daily time alone with God into one united direction. Each Sunday we’ll look at the Biblical purposes of life. On weeknights we’ll discuss them in our homes as over 770 students and adults (our most ever) meet in Small Groups. And every morning for 40 days we’ll each take a personal look at God’s plans for our life as we read through a short daily section of the book, What On Earth Am I Here For? By the end of the experience you’ll know why on earth you’re here.

Randy and I are preparing the messages for the weekends. Our Small Group leaders are almost ready to kick off the weekly studies. All that’s left is for you to pick up a copy of What On Earth Am I Here For? You can get yours for only $10 at our office on Plantation Drive during the week or at the Next Step Center this Sunday. If you want to get it for an eReader, just be sure to buy the book, not the 99 cent pamphlet. This is a revised edition of Rick Warren’s best-selling Purpose Driven Life. If you have a copy of that and don’t mind missing the updated stories and a few new chapters, you can pull it off the shelf and use it.

Whatever you do, get ready for God to take us all to the next level as we gain a fresh perspective of What On Earth (We’re) Here For?

Live Bold,


Grand Opening

This Sunday, August 25th we will celebrate the opening of our new campus in our two morning worship services and with an outdoor party in the afternoon. Twenty thousand flyers have been mailed to homes across Southern Brazoria County; including for the first time, communities west of the Brazos. It promises to be an exciting day.

So here’s a reminder you’ve grown accustomed to – it’s not about us. Let’s keep our hearts and heads outward focused and welcome our new guests Sunday as we:

  • Pray for God to help use our new home to love more people than ever toward Jesus.
  • Come in one vehicle and park wherever we’re directed.
  • Save conversation with friends (and staff) for later so we can chat with guests.
  • Shift to the front and left of the auditorium. We used to shift to the right when our entrance was on the left. Now it’s time to move across the auditorium and open up the seats on the right for late arriving folks.
  • Shift to the center of the sections. Have you noticed how the seats along the aisles fill up first? It’s unintentional, but that creates a barrier to others coming into your row. Please be the first to move to the middle.

Finally, be a catalyst. Use the buzz about our new home as an opportunity to invite folks to experience Brazos Pointe. I spoke with a lady Monday morning who was very upset with us about the traffic on Hwy 332. Eventually I was able to invite her to come visit us. Every conversation is an opportunity.

Live bold,



What On Earth Am I Here For?

A Spiritual Growth Campaign designed to

help us experience a purpose driven life.


Parking, Life Apps & Grand Opening

Thanks to many of your suggestions, a lot of meetings, and a Parking Team that has worked tirelessly, the parking woes we experienced our first Sunday in our new home on Brazoria Road were virtually non-existent on week two. The traffic light at Hwy 2004 & Hwy 332 was still a problem, but I’m happy to let you know TxDOT made some adjustments Tuesday that should ease the flow of east/west traffic.  And to allow more time for parking lot turnover, we will add 15 minutes between service times, so new this Sunday, the second service begins at 11:00. The first still starts at 9:15.

Life Apps – We began a new message series Sunday to give you and all our new guests (there have been a lot of them) some practical ideas on how to access and apply the Bible’s rich wisdom to our everyday lives. In fact, wisdom is the topic Randy Dane will address Sunday. We’ll also have a guest worship leader this weekend, Christian Anders, to help give our volunteer leaders a break during this interim period we’re in without a full time worship leader on staff. Christian is the College Minister at Istrouma Church in Baton Rouge and a friend of several folks in our church from the Bayou State.

Grand Opening – On August 25th we will celebrate the opening of our new campus on the Brazoria Road. If you’re not already doing so, be sure to invite your unchurched friends and family to join us for worship in the morning and a party that afternoon featuring building tours, baptism and outdoor activities. I’ll let you know more about it next week.

Live bold,


  • Adult Small Groups also kick off the week of August 25-29
  • Coming in September – What On Earth Am I Here For? – A Spiritual Growth Campaign designed to help us experience a purpose driven life.