Grand Opening

This Sunday, August 25th we will celebrate the opening of our new campus in our two morning worship services and with an outdoor party in the afternoon. Twenty thousand flyers have been mailed to homes across Southern Brazoria County; including for the first time, communities west of the Brazos. It promises to be an exciting day.

So here’s a reminder you’ve grown accustomed to – it’s not about us. Let’s keep our hearts and heads outward focused and welcome our new guests Sunday as we:

  • Pray for God to help use our new home to love more people than ever toward Jesus.
  • Come in one vehicle and park wherever we’re directed.
  • Save conversation with friends (and staff) for later so we can chat with guests.
  • Shift to the front and left of the auditorium. We used to shift to the right when our entrance was on the left. Now it’s time to move across the auditorium and open up the seats on the right for late arriving folks.
  • Shift to the center of the sections. Have you noticed how the seats along the aisles fill up first? It’s unintentional, but that creates a barrier to others coming into your row. Please be the first to move to the middle.

Finally, be a catalyst. Use the buzz about our new home as an opportunity to invite folks to experience Brazos Pointe. I spoke with a lady Monday morning who was very upset with us about the traffic on Hwy 332. Eventually I was able to invite her to come visit us. Every conversation is an opportunity.

Live bold,



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