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nextSTEP NOW – A Thanksgiving Story

We are approaching the end of a very special period called nextSTEP NOW; the end of a three year financial commitment that culminated in the most generous era of giving our church has ever experienced. Since November of 2010 Brazos Pointe Fellowship has relocated to a spacious new campus, planted a new church in Galveston that has become one of the largest on the island, and benefitted from unprecedented giving that resulted in annual budget surpluses.

We need to celebrate that…and look to the future to see what kind of next steps God has for us ahead. I hope you’ll make it a priority to be in worship on November 10th as we praise God for all He’s done and ask Him what’s next.

Live Bold,



Our New Offices Are Ready!

And the Locusts Descended…Okay, I’ll admit from the start this is probably a bad illustration. But that’s what I thought of that Sunday afternoon in July when we asked for volunteers to help move all the furniture, electronics, supplies, and stuff from our buildings on Dixie Drive in Clute to our new home on the Brazoria Road. It was as if a swarm of locusts had descended on the buildings and carried everything away. In less than two hours it was all gone!

If you missed that amazing experience, here’s your chance to see it again. Our new offices passed building inspection on Tuesday, so it’s time again to move. If you can help, we would greatly appreciate it. Beginning at 8:00 A.M. tomorrow morning, Friday October 4th, bring your trucks, trailers and dollies to our offices on 224 Plantation Drive in Lake Jackson to start the move. We’ll do it again Saturday morning the 5th if there’s anything left.

It may come off like another swarm of locusts descending on the offices and carrying everything away in a short time. Then again, it may take a little longer. Don’t let the size of our offices fool you. There are a lot of boxes in here. And moving bulky furniture through narrow hallways could take a bit of finessing. We’ll see.

But like everything else associated with the move to our new home this year, it’s sure to be an exciting and fulfilling event. I hope many of you can be here to experience it.

Live Bold,