A Bold BPF Budget for 2014

On December 15th we will be asking our members to approve BPF’s 2014 Budget (along with a few other things*). This Sunday morning the 8th you’ll have a chance to ask questions after each of the worship services. I wanted to share with you some insight about the items in it as well as the purposes for them.

2014 represents the start of a new era for our church as we give thanks for the realized dream of having a permanent home and look ahead to new opportunities to build God’s Kingdom both locally and globally. The 2014 Budget represents our first step into this new era.

Our annual budget is structured around the five purposes of the church we explored this past fall in the What On Earth Am I Here For? Spiritual Growth campaign. True to our vision of being a church for the unchurched, you’ll see a priority placed on evangelism.

The most significant budget changes for 2014 are additional or higher costs related to our new campus, including utilities, insurance, traffic cop fees, and debt service. We will receive some relief from debt service when we sell our two properties on Plantation Drive and Dixie Drive. The personnel increases are mainly because we have 12 months of some personnel that were moved from part-time to full-time or hired mid-way through the past year.

Our 2014 Budget proposal with its 15% increase over last year’s budget is a bold step forward.  Considering the fact your financial support this year puts us on track to exceed our budget for the third year in a row, the increases appear to be both reasonable and manageable.

Copies of the 2014 Budget are available weekdays in our office and on weekends at the Next Step Center. If you have questions, please take advantage of the Q&A sessions that will follow each worship service this Sunday December 8th. Then once you are satisfied this is a budget you are willing to support, please vote to approve it on Sunday, December 15th.

Live Bold,


* We will vote on a few other items December 15th as well, including:

  • €Approving Joe Flack & Debbie Erskine to serve a 5 year rotation on the Advisory Team. I’ll profile them in next week’s Pointer. They will replace Kevin Johnson and Fonda Hundl who will be rotating off the Advisory Team December 31st.
  • €Authorizing our Executive Pastor to place our properties up for sale on Dixie Drive in Clute and Plantation Drive in Lake Jackson.
  • €Authorize our Galveston Campus – Coastal Community Church, under the leadership of Pastor Aaron Sanders – to become an independent church on January 1, 2014 and give the property/facilities at 426 Winnie, Galveston, TX to them. You’ll remember this is the property the former University Baptist Church of Galveston deeded to Brazos Pointe Fellowship when we sent a team to replant that church as a second BPF campus.
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