Important Decisions This Sunday

We vote on very few things at Brazos Pointe, but this Sunday we have the opportunity to make several decisions about our future, the most ever on one ballot. You will see a ballot insert in Sunday’s program asking you to affirm our 2014 Budget, new Advisory Team members, the sale of our old facilities, and a gift to our Galveston campus.

Plenty of consideration has been given to the 2014 Budget. I’d like to direct your attention now to the rest of the items you’re being asked to decide upon.

Our ADVISORY TEAM consists of seven men & women – Trish Davidson, Jackie Fuller, Matt Hiatt, Fonda Hundl, Kevin Johnson, Jimmie Lapier and John Rodriguez. They oversee our financial decisions and operations, and serve as an accountability council to our Leadership Team. As we send a huge thanks to Fonda Hundl and Kevin Johnson who rotate off the Advisory Team this month after completing their five year rotation, I’d like  to present the two folks our Leadership Team has nominated to replace them – Debbie Erskine and Joe Flack.

Debbie and her husband Steve have lived in Lake Jackson since 1994, with a tour of West Virginia, courtesy of Dow Chemical, from 2001 until 2005. Debbie is an accountant for Detail Products. The Erskines were on the BPF launch team in 2001 and have led a Small Group in their home for several years. Debbie is also BPF’s Greeter Coordinator. She and Steve have three children, Laura, Peter and Micaela. Laura and her husband, Justin, live in Cypress and have a little boy of their own and are expecting a little girl this month! Peter works for National Instruments in Austin and is engaged to marry Monica in May.  Micaela is a senior at Texas A&M, scheduled to graduate in May.

Joe and his family moved to Brazoria County in 1999 when they were transferred with BASF from Asheville, NC.  Joe and his wife Tami live in Clute. They were also part of the team that launched BPF 12 years ago. The Flacks have hosted and led both student and adult small groups, and traveled to Cambodia on a mission trip. Joe serves as a Greeter, at the Next Step Center, and as the facilitator for Discovering Financial Peace.  He is an Engineer at BASF and currently is the Logistics Center Manager for the Polyamides business at the Freeport Site.  Joe and Tami have two adult children, Jessica and Tyler. Jessica is married to Jason, and Tyler is soon to be married to Chelsea!

The final two items you’ll be asked to decide upon Sunday have to do with the disposal of property.  We’ll be asking you to authorize our Executive Pastor, Kirk Willson, to place our properties on Dixie Drive in Clute and Plantation Drive in Lake Jackson up for sale. Proceeds will be used toward debt retirement on our new campus.  This has been the stated plan for some time now, but our constitution requires congregational approval.

€You will also be asked to authorize our Galveston Campus – Coastal Community Church, under the leadership of Pastor Aaron Sanders – to become an independent church on January 1, 2014 and give the property/facilities at 426 Winnie, Galveston, TX to them. You’ll remember this is the property the former University Baptist Church of Galveston deeded to Brazos Pointe Fellowship when we sent a team to replant that church as a second BPF campus.

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