Christmas at Brazos Pointe!

(formerly known as Christmas Eve-Eve)

Twelve years ago we created a Brazos Pointe custom by taking the traditional Christmas Eve service and celebrating it a day early – on the 23rd – so we could all spend Christmas Eve with our families. We called it Christmas Eve-Eve. It’s become a community event.

This year we’re changing the name but preserving the purpose behind it. Sunday and Monday evenings, at 5:00 and 6:45, we will celebrate Christmas at Brazos Pointe for the first time in our new home. The new name sounded better than having two names: Christmas Eve-Eve and Christmas Eve-Eve-Eve.

This year’s theme is “Breaking the Silence.” Baby Jesus’s first cry on the night he was born broke more than the silence of a quiet Bethlehem night. His coming to earth to live as a man broke 400 years of silence since the people had heard a fresh word from God.

God broke the silence to tell a lost world how much He loves them. That’s a message that needs to be shared with our friends and family who have yet to meet Jesus. They need to understand the real meaning of Christmas. Ask them to join you for one of the four services and pray with me that God will prepare room in their hearts to receive Him.

Live Bold,


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