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Big Announcement Sunday

At the end of this weekend’s services we have an announcement to make about a few changes in our church staff. First of all, no one is leaving (although it is big and exciting news when someone is willing to pull up roots and follow God’s call wherever it leads). God has blessed us with growth since relocating to our new home and that expansion requires positive change. I look forward to telling you about a few of our staff’s next steps with God.

Live Bold, Greg


Something Extra This Sunday

We have an extra feature for you Sunday morning.  Concluding each service will be a brief commissioning ceremony for two former BPF folks who have been appointed as career missionaries with the International Mission Board.  This young couple will soon head overseas for a long term assignment in Southeast Asia.  Because of the sensitive nature of the region where they will serve we can’t publish their names.  Both have served on BPF’s staff and been on several short term mission trips with us.

They’ve spent the past few years in Fort Worth while he attended Southwestern Seminary.  He recently finished the first portion of Master’s Degree work in International Church Planting.  The second half is to be completed on the mission field.

They will inspire you as they share some of their story.  Then we’ll commission them as our first career missionaries with a time of prayer.  This is much like we’ve done with other men and women for whom we’ve been the “sending church” when they have left here to serve overseas for an extended period.  After worship you’ll have an opportunity to meet and visit with them in the Connection Pointe area. 

I’ll hope you can be here for this historic event in our young church’s history.

Live Bold, Greg