An Offering of Gratitude

Sunday morning we will collect our annual World Missions Offering.  We do this each year to express our gratitude to God for all He’s done in and through us as we seek to be a church for the unchurched.  This past year God blessed us in so many ways – the move into our new home, more folks in Small Groups than ever, a budget surplus, the launch of our Galveston campus into an independent church, the commissioning of our first career missionaries, and a host of unchurched folks stepping over the line of faith.  That’s something to be thankful for.

Let’s show our gratitude with our greatest World Missions Offering ever.  Here’s what it will accomplish.  Three fourths will go to our primary missions’ partners, the International (IMB) and North American (NAMB) Mission Boards to support thousands of missionaries planting new churches around the world – like our own Kevin & Lauren Glenn serving in Southeast Asia.

The other 25% goes to a special project each year. Our 2014 designee is the Seattle Church Planting initiative, a partnership dedicated to starting new churches in one of the most unreached corners of America. The Northwest has fewer Christians per capita than some of the developing countries where we send missions teams each year.

Last Sunday I asked you to pray about what you can give to support the spread of the Gospel around the world. Last year we had 182 BPF homes give just over $22,000 to our World Missions Offering.  We have more than 600 households in our church family.  If the rest of our fellowship joined in this offering with a gift of just $25 each we could see our World Missions Offering climb to a new level of generosity.  That’s a challenge we can meet!

Give Bold,


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