A Snapshot Survey

A few weeks ago most of you participated in a Snapshot Survey.  There were well over 800 responses so it took a while to log them. Now we’re mining all that data to see what we can learn.  Over the coming weeks I’ll post these findings here in Pick’s Pointe.

Since our Vision for BPF is to be a Church for the Unchurched, let’s see how we’re doing with that.

Survey Question:

Before attending BPF, how frequently
did you attend church services?

Survey.How Often
As you can see, nearly half our congregation were infrequent attenders before coming to BPF. One in four almost never worshipped anywhere. It shows we really are reaching the unchurched and once churched. How’s their attendance now?

Survey Question:

How often do you attend BPF?

Survey-How often BPF
Almost one in four who attended infrequently or never before coming to BPF are now regular attenders. Nearly four out of five folks who call Brazos Pointe home attend regularly. Of course I’d like to see that percentage increase, but’s a healthy indicator now.

Next week we’ll see who comes to BPF.

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