A Snapshot Survey – Part Four

Our survey of almost 900 BPF folks a few weeks was quite informative.  We learned

  • Nearly half our congregation were infrequent attenders before coming to BPF
  • Four out of five folks who call Brazos Pointe home now attend regularly
  • Since moving our campus out on the Brazoria Road our reach has expanded to the north, south and especially the west, with fully 20% of our fellowship driving in from West of the Brazos.
  • A majority of our attenders are married, but one is five adults here are single or single again.
  • We are extremely balanced across the age groups with no one group having a significant majority.

Now for the answer to the really big, big, big, big question you’ve been anxiously awaiting…If you could be any animal, what would you be?

We decided to answer it with a different graphic called a “Wordle.”  It takes the results and makes the size of the answers proportional to the number of responses.  The larger words – like dog, bird, eagle – represent the greater number of common answers.  We also used our cross logo to give it a unique look.

Animal Wordle

Live Bold (and enjoy the journey),


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