It’s Time to SHIFT to Three Services!

It has been rewarding and challenging to see all the new people coming to the Pointe over the summer. Rewarding because many of them are taking their next step with God, including stepping over the line of faith. Challenging because it takes change and extra effort on our part to provide seats for the adults and students, and children’s volunteers to teach their kids.

But we’re up to the challenge because you have been responding with unselfish hearts. Thank you ahead of time for shifting to the new 8:11 service this Sunday or for taking the One & One Challenge and volunteering in Children’s, Worship, or First Impressions ministries. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Just remember this – there are people in our community who lay their head on their pillow every night and face a hopeless eternity because they haven’t met Jesus. That’s why we do whatever it takes to reach them with the Gospel.

As we SHIFT to three services this Sunday – 8:11, 9:30 & 11:11 – keep these things in mind.

  • I’ll be speaking about the Afterlife Sunday. Pray for folks to meet Jesus now.
  • Come in one vehicle and park wherever you’re directed.
  • Save conversation with friends (and staff) for later and chat it up with someone you haven’t met. They may be a guest who really needs a personal touch.
  • Shift to the front and left of the auditorium so we can keep the seats on the right and in back open for late arriving folks.
  • Seats along the aisles fill up first and block out whole rows. Unless you have claustrophobia issues (which some do), please inconvenience yourself and shift to the center of the sections.
  • Finally, pray for all the new volunteers to have a fantastic experience serving outside their comfort zones. It’s how we grow…personally, and as a church!

Live bold,


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