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Time to Flip Back to Page 1

Goal accomplished. For years now I have challenged you guys to read all the way through the Bible using the One Year Bible or one of the devotional guides we offer at the Next Step Center. More and more of you have been stepping up to bat and swinging for the fences. The latest to cross the plate posted this on Instagram last week. Way to go Matthew Schilhab. You couldn’t have said it better.

Today is the day I finally completed one of my life goals – reading through the entire bible. It took me a year and seven months, reading about 15 minutes a day on my lunch breaks, but boy was it worth it! Two years ago my life changed forever by stepping over the “line of faith” and committing my life to God. My life now has a purpose and reading His word had given me guidance and understanding. The journey doesn’t stop here, though. Being a disciple is a never ending journey of taking next steps to bring myself and others closer to God. Time to flip back to page 1 and do it all over again!

Live bold…and start reading through the Bible today,