Two Special Weekends

Brazos Pointe Fellowship held its first service on an Easter morning. So this time of year is always extra special for our church. This Sunday morning we celebrate Easter once again, and begin our 16th year as a church for the unchurched. The following Sunday, April 3rd we will celebrate BPF’s 15th Birthday.

Easter at Brazos Pointe  As always we will present the Gospel in a creative and relevant way, so it’s a great time to invite your unchurched friends, neighbors and family to come with you. And even though some may dress up in new Easter threads, our motto is still: Come as you are. I’ll be wearing jeans (okay, new jeans).

But Easter will be a little different this year. Using only Scripture, we’re telling the Story of God and Man from Genesis to Revelation, from “In the beginning” to “Behold I am making all things new.”  A word to the wise – come early, or you’ll miss part of it.

It will take longer than usual to get off the highway into the parking lot, longer to get your kids checked in, longer to grab a cup of coffee and donut holes, and longer to find a seat; so add some margin into your schedule. Also remember – we have different Easter Service times – 8:00, 9:30 and 11:15. The only way everyone gets a seat Sunday is if 200-300 of you Shift Down to the 8:00 service. I’m sure you will.

Live Bold,


15 Years of Taking Next Steps!  Mark your calendar for a special Birthday Celebration, Sunday, April 3rd.  With just a few nods to the past, our celebration will focus more on looking ahead than looking back – less nostalgia, more celebration of life change. I’ll tell you more about it next week.

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