15 Years of Taking Next Steps!

Brazos Pointe Fellowship held its first service on an Easter morning in April of 2001. Here we are fifteen years later, amazed with the journey we have experienced. It’s time to celebrate! Join us Sunday for a 15th Birthday Party, complete with cupcakes and balloons.

Ours won’t be a typical anniversary event where only those who have been there all along can appreciate it. This birthday celebration will be meaningful to everyone. With just a few nods to the past, our festivity will focus more on looking ahead than looking back; less nostalgia, more about life change.

This would be a great time to invite your unchurched friends, family or neighbors to church. Because just like we said at that first service in the Lake Jackson Intermediate School Cafeteria 15 years ago, we still want to change the way you think about church.

See you Sunday. Live Bold,


Easter 2016 – What A Day!

Thank you all so much for going the extra mile to make Easter for our guests such a great day. Hundreds more of you than we expected shifted down to 8:00 a.m., resulting in the largest attendance ever in that hour. The 661 folks in the first service even eclipsed the 11:15 hour which had 648. Just as amazing were the 816 folks who packed into the 9:30 service. All together we passed the 2000 mark for the first time with 2142 folks in worship. When you add 500 children to that, we had 2642 folks at Brazos Pointe this Easter. And we know from the “Fresh Start Bibles” that were picked up that several people stepped over the line of faith. Praise God!

Equally exciting was the news I heard from Aaron Sanders at Coastal Community Church in Galveston, the church we helped plant just four years ago. After baptizing 8 people at the beach early Easter morning, they had 809 folks in worship. So all together, nearly 3000 people heard “The Story” this past weekend!



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