Freedom Sunday

As we continue this fall’s Ordinary message series about justice we turn our attention Sunday on those most in need of an extraordinary impact from ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality. I’m referring to the 45 million people living in slavery – today – in our world, even in our country.

They are young boys working sunup to sunset on a fishing boat on Lake Volta in Uganda; girls and young women sold into sex slavery in Southeast Asia; children, parents and grandparents trapped in a brick factory compound in India; or women lured into a job in the restaurant industry who find themselves enslaved as a domestic servant in a foreign county.

They have no police to rescue them, no attorney to represent them, no justice system to protect them. They have no voice, no advocate, no hope…until ordinary people doing ordinary things with gospel intentionality become their voice, their advocate, their justice. Let’s talk about it this Sunday. For their sake we’ll call it Freedom Sunday.

Live bold,


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