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Going Coastal

I finally got to visit Coastal Community Church this past Sunday. Coastal is our church’s Galveston campus. I saw familiar faces of BPF folks who have moved to the island to help start the church, as well as those who make the hour drive each week. I visited with people we met last year who were members of the church that used to gather there before we came in and helped them “replant the church” with a new identity and vision.

The best part though, was seeing nearly 200 new faces. Many of them are college students new to the island, but most were likely unchurched who don’t connect with more traditional churches. Coastal is making a difference in the lives of people who are far from God, but desiring to know more about him in an environment that is welcoming.

That’s why Aaron Sanders and his launch team are there, and it’s why we are still here in Brazoria County building a church for the unchurched, guiding people to take their next step with God. Folks at Coastal invite everybody they meet to their new church. That’s something we can keep doing here as well. Let’s all try to invite at least one person to the Pointe this weekend.

Live bold, Greg


Please Register to Vote…by Tuesday

I am not even going to hint at telling you who to vote for, because that is secondary in the bigger picture of life. What I do care about passionately is that you exercise your precious right to vote, a privilege billions of people in our world will never experience. 

We will have an election next month for President. The day after will be followed with joy & celebration, shock and sadness, and apathy; no matter who wins. Here’s something to consider in perspective.  After each national election cycle, whether the party in power retains office or is voted out, we will have a peaceful transition – no bloody coups, no mysterious deaths, no civil war. It’s not that way in other parts of our world. And the reason for that peaceful outcome is that we know our votes make a difference.

Voting, and the peace it ensures in our country, is a right many could stand to appreciate more. Besides, there are a lot of other elected positions on the ballot next month. All of those offices – national, state or local matter.

Voting is not only a right in our country; I believe it is also a responsibility that, as Christ followers, we should gratefully embrace. Jesus said, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.” We have been given more than we realize in this nation. Let us appreciate, respect, and embrace it. For now that means be sure you have registered.

Live bold, Greg

The last day to register in Texas is this Tuesday, October 9th. You can pick up Voter Registration cards at the Courthouse in Angleton as well as the Tax Offices in Lake Jackson, Sweeny, West Columbia and Manvel. This Sunday, we’ll have them at the Next Step Center in the Foyer. If you mail it in it must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, October 9th.


I see work has begun!

For years the question I’ve heard from friends in the community has been, “When are you guys going to start building?” I’m sure you’ve heard it too. Somehow telling them about wetlands studies, water line right-of-ways, core samples, digging a retention pond, building a pad, and finally, removing overfill dirt… never seemed to connect with them. They would simply smile, respond with “that’s great” and walk away thinking, “They haven’t started yet.”

But now, isn’t it fun when people come up and say, “I see work has begun!” That’s right, it has. Now we can see heavy machinery, survey stakes and people moving around. Work has begun in earnest. A new entrance has been installed and site work is well underway as work on drainage, utilities, parking lots and the foundation are now moving forward.

This time next year we should be worshiping in our new home. But let’s remember that our church is as it always has been – a group of people united by the lordship of Jesus Christ, following where He leads, and guiding people far from God to take their next step with Him. As we walk through a series of last times this year – last fall at Dixie Drive, last Christmas Eve-Eve, last Easter – let’s continue being who God called us to be, a church for the unchurched.

Live bold, Greg

Vision Leaks

I heard that phrase shortly after we launched Brazos Pointe Fellowship and must confess I didn’t quite understand what it meant. I do now. It means that in spite of how passionate we are about a vision that has captured our attention, energy and commitment; we still tend to forget the basics of that vision as we get busy with life.

  • Purpose Driven Church
  • A church for the unchurched
  • We want to change the way you think about church!
  • Everybody Serves
  • 3 minute rule
  • Weekend Experience, Small Groups, Volunteer Ministry, Catalyst
  • Next step with God
  • NextSTEP Now

All are familiar phrases, but do you remember how we make each of them happen? More importantly, could there be newer, more effective ways to express them?

For several months now our Leadership Team has been preparing a special event that will re-energize the mission and vision God has given us here at BPF. We’re calling it…

ATV – Advance the Vision

I invite you to mark Wednesday, September 5th on your calendar and plan to join us for a special evening of stories, reminders and new ideas that will help us embrace anew the vision that continues to change lives forever as we guide people to take their next step with God.

Live bold, Greg

Greg Johnson will be with us this Sunday to talk about his adventures sharing the Good News of Jesus in the Amazon Jungle these past two years. Come early and get a good seat!

Groundbreaking & Baptism – A Look Back

Wow, what an incredible day. God provided perfect weather and a scenic backdrop with the lake. Add the great crowd into the picture and we experienced one of BPF’s most memorable days yet!

When I think about what I enjoyed most about the day, without question, it was the baptism. Seeing evidence of lives changed never gets old, and, it reinforces our mission. After that, I can’t decide what image was most memorable – families picnicking under the huge shade trees, hundreds of people holding shovels, the themes painted on many of them, the faces of people from Coastal Community, our satellite church in Galveston, families posing for pictures, little boys along the shore throwing dirt clods into the water, the excitement on your faces as Kirk described our future home, Jason’s dedication prayer…it was all so meaningful. Then Sunday evening I lost track of time on Facebook looking at countless pictures you posted and reading comments from members of our Fellowship both present and past.

As I reflect on the significance of it all I have these three thoughts. First – God has blessed us tremendously. It’s hard to describe the deep sense of gratitude I feel for all He’s given us. Next – although we have changed much over the past 11 years (which is healthy) our vision of a church for the unchurched has not wavered. And our passion to maintain an outward focus still burns brightly. Finally – we haven’t come close to accomplishing our task of connecting people far from God with the Good News of Jesus Christ. Because the larger we grow, the number of unchurched folks in our community seems to grow even greater. In short, we still have work to do, so…

Live bold, Greg

Groundbreaking & Baptism – This Sunday – 2:00 PM

I have been looking forward to this Sunday’s Celebration for longer than I can remember. After more than a decade in temporary facilities we are finally ready to begin construction on our permanent home. Join us this Sunday afternoon at 2:00 PM for Groundbreaking and Baptism.

How cool will it be for everyone to plant a shovel in the ground to start building the home for a church where Everybody Serves? How memorable will it be to be among the first group of people ever baptized at our home on the Brazoria Road? We are making history and a statement this Sunday afternoon. Our new home will not be a resting place to reminisce about the fruit of past efforts. It will be a launching pad for a church where everyone is passionate about connecting the unchurched with the life changing truth and good news of Jesus Christ. This will be a watershed day in the life of our Fellowship. See you there right after church.

Live bold, Greg

What You Need To Know

  • It’s not too late to get on the Baptism list. Contact Randy Dane ( or speak to someone at the Next Step Counter in the Foyer on Sunday.
  • Meet at Hobby Lobby on HWY 332 across from the Brazos Mall. Park near the temporary awning and away from the Dollar Store.
  • Buses will be running from 12:00 to 2:00 p.m. and returning from the land from 3:00 to 4:00 p.m.
  • Have difficulty boarding a bus and need handicap parking? Go straight to the land, 679 Brazoria Road.
  • Consider coming early and bringing a picnic lunch. We’ll have inflatable games for the kids before the Celebration.

 What You Need To Bring

  • A shovel (Optional: personalize it in a way that demonstrates your faith or places you serve at BPF)
  • Lawn Chairs or Blanket – no seating will be provided
  • Closed toe shoes – it’s a construction site in a wilderness
  • We will provide a changing area for babies. But it’s BYOD.

Worship Pastor Search

I thought you may be interested in what we are doing to discover who will be our next Worship Pastor. After Jason told us he and Stephanie had discerned that God was in fact leading them to take their next step to Okinawa, Japan, we began a process to see who God was leading to come here.

Recently we placed ads in several on-line ministry search listings. From those ads we have received a lot of interest. Next we formed a Worship Pastor Search Team consisting of Kristin Henderson, Maury McCown, Lisa Calhoun, Kirk Willson, Randy Dane, and myself. We have looked through and prayed over scores of resumes. As several more continue to come in each day we have been narrowing them down to ones that match our needs, culture and doctrine.

Please pray for both us and the godly people who have applied for this position as we seek to discover God’s will for us in this process.

And continue to pray for Jason & Stephanie and their children as they prepare to leave our church family and unite with another fellowship overseas. The Church is one family under Christ’s leadership. He moves family members (including many of you) in and out of different church homes to accomplish His purposes around the world. As He leads Jason and Stephanie to serve with the “church family” in Okinawa He will lead another person or family here. It’s all in his plan.

Live bold, Greg

Groundbreaking & Baptism – May 20th – 2:00 PM

Remember to make plans for our Groundbreaking Celebration on the 20th.  Everybody bring a shovel and if you haven’t been baptized since you stepped over the line of faith, this is your time!

May 20, 2012 – Bring Your Own Shovel

On this historic day Brazos Pointe Fellowship will officially begin construction on our new worship center and children’s building on the Brazoria Road with a Groundbreaking and Baptism Celebration. Most groundbreaking festivities are limited to a few people ceremonially “turning over a shovelful of dirt.” We think everybody ought to share in the experience so we decided to create something uniquely BPF and invite families, couples and individuals to bring your own shovel.

Our first motto was everybody serves. Our newest can be everybody shovels. Well, maybe not, but you get the idea. Here’s another idea. Consider painting / personalizing your shovel in a way that symbolizes your connection to BPF. You could paint the BPF logo or Kenyan flag or BigStuf icon on it. Perhaps write your family’s name or the name of an unchurched person you are praying for on the blade or handle. Creativity is one of our core values so make the most of it.

Is Your Next Step Baptism?

Have you publically declared your faith in Jesus Christ through believer’s baptism? Here’s the best opportunity yet. As part of the Groundbreaking Celebration we will set up a pool in front of the building pad. You can be one of the first ever to be baptized at our future home on the Brazoria Road. Contact Randy Dane, if you’d like to join that group.

Live bold, Greg

Building Updates

  • The City of Lake Jackson has approved our plans and issued the building permit
  • We have hired Manhattan Construction to be our building contractor. Manhattan has extensive experience ranging from small buildings to Reliant & Cowboy Stadiums.


Thank You from Chris & Jennifer

Hello BPF,

Jennifer and I are very excited to join the team here at Brazos Pointe. Our welcome into this community has been out of this world. The meals, gift cards, dinner invites, & phone calls have made us feel very welcome. We have already begun to make new friendships and are looking forward to making many more. I cannot say thank you enough.  We know that God has special things planned for the future of Brazos Pointe and we feel very privileged to be part of it. I look forward to getting to know our students and their families. Please let me know if I can serve you in any way.

God Bless,

Chris Watson
Student Minister

Welcome the Watsons

Sunday will be an exciting day as we welcome Chris Watson, our new Student Minister, his wife Jennifer, and sons Nathan & Ethan to Brazos Pointe Fellowship. We will begin their ministry here this Sunday afternoon with a Reception at 3:00 PM in the All Star Room. To give them a warm welcome we have a tradition of “carding” our new Pastors. Here’s how it works. Bring a gift card – any kind: restaurant, grocery, hardware or department store, iTunes, etc. – and give it to them at the reception.

Moving is always stressful. This will help take off the edge. Thanks ahead of time for being such a gracious and generous fellowship.

Live bold, Greg