A Special Guest Sunday

We’re honored to have Jason Crandall, founding pastor of CityView Church, with us this Sunday morning. CityView Church in Pearland is the special designee of our church’s 2015 World Missions Offering, an offering we collect each year to celebrate our church’s birthday. We turned 14 this month!

Each year we highlight a special project to receive one fourth of the World Missions Offering. More on that in a moment. The remaining 75% goes to our primary missions’ partners, the International (IMB) and North American (NAMB) Mission Boards. I just returned from Seattle where our gifts to NAMB are fueling an unprecedented church planting movement. This offering will support our partners there along with thousands of other IMB and NAMB missionaries in planting new churches around the world.

Now about CityView. We began a partnership with Jason and this new church in Pearland just last year. Our collaboration includes monthly financial support along with advisory help as needed. Though CityView is located in the northern part of our county it is, for all practical purposes, a Houston church. Houston, much like Seattle, is ethnically diverse and growing in population. In fact, Houston is now the most ethnically diverse city in America. And because so much of its growing population is unchurched, it could be said that Houston is no longer a part of the so called “Bible Belt.”

Sunday morning Jason will tell us about this city to the north that may be a bit different than the city we think we know. He’ll give us an up close view of the community his church is reaching, and explain how our offering can make a huge impact. Our challenge will be to return the following weekend, on May 3rd and give our greatest World Missions offering ever.

Live Bold,


Church Planting in Brazoria County

Our first new church plant was in 2012 when we sent a few families and single adults to Galveston to launch Coastal Community Church. But we’ve been coming alongside and supporting new church plants since our own launch in April 2001. Over the years we have dedicated significant portions of our budget to help launch a dozen other churches in Texas, Louisiana, West Virginia and Washington. Along with financial support we’ve given a lot of our equipment to those fellowships from our days as a “church in a box” meeting in a school. And many of you have also volunteered in those churches as well. Church planting is in our DNA.

From the beginning we wanted to be a church that plants new churches. That’s why we are currently sponsoring three new churches:

  • The Hallows Church in Seattle
  • CityView Church in Pearland, and
  • Crossover Community Church in Freeport

You heard a lot about Seattle Church Planting this past weekend (and you’ll hear a lot more in the coming days). But while we were focused on the Great Northwest some exciting things were taking place much closer to home.

After months of intense planning and several preview services, Crossover Church in Freeport had its official launch Sunday evening. 75 folks were in attendance, including many well-wishers from BPF. Pastor Johnathan Sublet’s years of sowing seeds in the Brazosport area are beginning to bear fruit. Congratulations Johnathan and the Crossover Plant Team.

On the same day, Pastor Jason Crandall and CityView Church in Pearland were celebrating the first anniversary of their public launch last year. Here’s part of a note we received from him last week:

God has been so good to us and we are so thankful for the support of BPF.  I could go on and on about stories and evidences of God’s grace and the Gospel going forth, but here are the bottom-line stats:

  • 15 people have trusted Christ this past year.
  • 9 have been baptized.
  • We have launched 5 life groups. (Small Groups)
  • We are averaging 130 people each week. 
  • We have 117 members (that includes the children of members). 
  • We currently have two residents who we will commission in August.  They will be going to plant two separate churches in the greater Houston area.  In August they will leave us with teams we are sending them with to start building launch teams in their respective towns.  
  • We will be adding another resident that we’ll look to commission in August of 2016.  

Thank you for your investment in us and thank you for believing in us.  We are so thankful for your partnership.  

Christ is all,
Jason Crandall | Lead Pastor

Congratulations Jason on planting a new church that plants new churches. May your and Johnathan’s tribes increase!

And may it encourage you, Brazos Pointe, to keep living bold,


Cambodia Partnership

Though we’ve had a presence in Cambodia for over 10 years, we broadened that presence in 2013 when we began a formal partnership with Mercy Medical Clinic (MMC) in Phnom Penh.  MMC provides more than medical treatment in a country that has so few healthcare options.  They care for the souls of men & women as well.

As people wait to be seen at the clinic MMC staff shares the gospel with them.  Anyone who shows interest is then offered the opportunity to have someone come to their village to lead Bible studies.  From those Bible studies new churches have been planted across the country.  Check out this article from MMC’s latest newsletter and see how effective that holistic strategy has been.

May it encourage you to live bold,


Join the DailyWalk

Maybe reading through the entire Bible in a year seemed too steep a challenge. Would you consider reading through the New Testament? It’s about one fourth the length of the Old Testament. October 1st marked the beginning of the New Testament readings using the DailyWalk devotional guide. This is a great time to jump in and join those who have been reading through the Bible this year. You can do this!

Here’s the daily reading plan through Saturday.  Start today!

•  Wednesday, October 1 – Matthew 1-4
•  Thursday, October 2 – Matthew 5-7
•  Friday, October 3 – Matthew 8-11
•  Saturday / Sunday, October 4 – Matthew 12-15

Read through the first three days by Sunday. Then pick up an October DailyWalk devotional guide this weekend at the Next Step Center. Accomplish something this fall you have intended to do for a long time. You’ll be so glad you did.

Live Bold,


Thank You for Your Response!

On July 27th as we celebrated one year in the new building, we announced that Brazos Pointe would add another Sunday service starting in September.  This past Sunday marked the launch of three services at Brazos Pointe.

It is hard to capture in words the excitement that was felt on Sunday.  Everything worked so well!  We drove away from the parking lot with big smiles on our faces.  God led us in this direction and you responded.  You responded to the call to worship one and serve one.  You responded to the call to shift to the 8:11 service.  You responded to the call to move your families where we need you most.

As a result of your response and God’s faithfulness we are primed and ready to go into this fall strong and filled with potential to continue to accomplish the vision that God has put before us.  This really is bigger than shifting and service times – it is about being a church for the unchurched that guides people to take their next step with God.  Time and time again you have responded and it never gets old watching God continue to work.

Sunday afternoon things just continued to get better!  We baptized six people – three adults and three students.  At the baptism I could not help but reflect on what a great morning that we had, and how these two things were very much connected.  With three services we have more seats and more opportunities for children, students, and adults in our community to experience new life in Christ through our Weekend Experience than we ever have had before.

Let’s continue to be bold in our response until every man, woman, and child in Southern Brazoria County has responded the good news of Jesus.

Thank you for your response!


It’s Time to SHIFT to Three Services!

It has been rewarding and challenging to see all the new people coming to the Pointe over the summer. Rewarding because many of them are taking their next step with God, including stepping over the line of faith. Challenging because it takes change and extra effort on our part to provide seats for the adults and students, and children’s volunteers to teach their kids.

But we’re up to the challenge because you have been responding with unselfish hearts. Thank you ahead of time for shifting to the new 8:11 service this Sunday or for taking the One & One Challenge and volunteering in Children’s, Worship, or First Impressions ministries. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Just remember this – there are people in our community who lay their head on their pillow every night and face a hopeless eternity because they haven’t met Jesus. That’s why we do whatever it takes to reach them with the Gospel.

As we SHIFT to three services this Sunday – 8:11, 9:30 & 11:11 – keep these things in mind.

  • I’ll be speaking about the Afterlife Sunday. Pray for folks to meet Jesus now.
  • Come in one vehicle and park wherever you’re directed.
  • Save conversation with friends (and staff) for later and chat it up with someone you haven’t met. They may be a guest who really needs a personal touch.
  • Shift to the front and left of the auditorium so we can keep the seats on the right and in back open for late arriving folks.
  • Seats along the aisles fill up first and block out whole rows. Unless you have claustrophobia issues (which some do), please inconvenience yourself and shift to the center of the sections.
  • Finally, pray for all the new volunteers to have a fantastic experience serving outside their comfort zones. It’s how we grow…personally, and as a church!

Live bold,


A Call to Prayer

Zach Genre, a senior in college, is one of many students who has grown up here at BPF.  Like so many of them he is passionate for the things of God.  The other day he read about our persecuted Christian brothers and sisters in Iraq.  Then he began to think about the Central American children and teens embroiled in political turmoil on our border.  And then several of the folks in our church who are suffering in the midst of medical crises came to mind.  As a burden for those needs weighed on his heart, he felt he should organize a “prayer event” to ask God to intervene on all their behalves.

Well, he planned it and you’re invited to it.  A previous commitment prevents me from attending, but on his behalf I’d like to invite you to come to our Worship Center this evening (Thursday, August 14th) between 6:00 and 8:00 PM.  There’s no program, no schedule – just an opportunity to come by yourself or with friends and move from one station to another in our foyer and pray for the need or challenge described.  Stay the whole time or pray for a few minutes and leave.  Let’s watch what God does as His people humble themselves and pray.

Live Bold,