nextSTEP now – The Final Year!

In November 2010 we began the journey of building our permanent home; a place we dreamed about since 2004 when we bought 48 beautifully wooded acres of land along the Brazoria Road on Lake Jackson’s west side. We called this journey nextSTEP now.  

After meeting four years in a school and five more in a converted shopping center, we determined “now” is the time to build our home. We begin the third year of “now” this month as we approach the final and most exciting leg of the journey. An incredible (and very expensive) foundation of hardened dirt, concrete and steel has been laid. Most of the slab has been poured and walls of concrete and steel will soon rise from the ground. The construction train has left the station and is moving full steam ahead. But the men digging the trenches, working the steel, swinging the hammers and running the conduit aren’t the only ones “building” our home. We have an even greater role to play.

We are the ones who are actually building Brazos Pointe Fellowship, because a church is made of people, not construction materials. The strength of a church is not the wind rating its walls can withstand but rather the spiritual maturity of its people. We are a church for the unchurched guiding people to take their next step with God.

As we build our home we must keep our eyes and hearts on our mission of loving people toward Jesus. That’s the subject of this coming Sunday’s message. I hope you can be with us this weekend as we recommit ourselves to our mission and this current nextSTEP now journey.

Live bold, Greg

Monday Prayers – If you’re not already doing so please join others in our Fellowship for Monday Prayers. We’re opening the building on Dixie in Clute for prayer every Monday this month, so choose a time that works best to come and pray.

6:30 – 7:30 a.m.

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

9:00 – 10:00 p.m.


November – a Month of Prayer & Fasting

UNDO US for what remains UNDONE!

This is our prayer both individually and as a church this month. To intensify this prayer I have asked you to fast for a meal or a day each week in November. Use the time you would have been eating to pray for God to open your eyes to see the people in our community who don’t know Jesus and show us how to connect them to God. I’ve also asked you to join others each Monday in our worship center on Dixie Drive in Clute for prayer. Many of you responded and found the experience to be very meaningful. For those who were unable to be with us I want to describe what you can expect if you join us next Monday.

When you enter the building either early in the morning, at noon, or late in the evening you will immediately experience a peaceful environment. Worshipful music will be playing in the background as scripture verses scroll on the video screens. To remove the uncertainty of “what to do” during the prayer time, you’ll be given a Prayer Guide to walk you through the experience. You may be only a few minutes working through it or you may find yourself taking a full hour to experience it. The length of time you spend there is up to you. We’ll open the church every Monday this month, so choose a time that works best to come and pray.

6:30 – 7:30 a.m.

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

9:00 – 10:00 p.m.

Live bold, Pray hard, Greg



Monday Prayers

Our church was born in prayer as godly men and women in our parent church prayed for those in our community who don’t know Jesus Christ. One of the outcomes of those times of prayer was the decision to launch a non-traditional church to reach those who were unlikely to attend a typical worship service.  Now here we are – Brazos Pointe Fellowship – eleven and a half years into the journey.  We have connected hundreds, possibly thousands of people to Christ since then, yet tens of thousands more remain lost, without true hope, and disconnected from the God who loves them. Our work remains unfinished, undone.

Ultimately, we will never reach them without receiving God’s power and direction through prayer. So every Monday in November, beginning this Monday, the 5th, we will host a church wide prayer gathering several times a day, in the auditorium on Dixie Drive. No childcare will be provided.

We invite you to choose a time that works best, and simply come to church and pray.

6:30 – 7:30 a.m.

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

9:00 – 10:00 p.m.

There’s no set program, you simply come and go with the time you have available. We’ll provide a weekly prayer guide for you that will follow the messages from Sunday’s UNDONE message series. You may want to bring your Bible to read through some of the verses cited in it. On the Mondays you are in town, please make every effort to be here.

Live bold, Greg

Texas Port Ministry – a personal connection

It’s simply amazing how many opportunities we have for local, national and international missions within a 15 minute drive from our worship center. You’ve heard me talk about Bobby Fuller, a BPF member and the Director of Texas Port Ministry (TPM), but I want you to hear the story of another of our members, Robyn Crosby, who is completing a project assignment with TPM. Please take two or three minutes to read this clip from last week’s TPM newsletter.

Live Bold, Greg

Click here for article on Robyn.


Going Coastal

I finally got to visit Coastal Community Church this past Sunday. Coastal is our church’s Galveston campus. I saw familiar faces of BPF folks who have moved to the island to help start the church, as well as those who make the hour drive each week. I visited with people we met last year who were members of the church that used to gather there before we came in and helped them “replant the church” with a new identity and vision.

The best part though, was seeing nearly 200 new faces. Many of them are college students new to the island, but most were likely unchurched who don’t connect with more traditional churches. Coastal is making a difference in the lives of people who are far from God, but desiring to know more about him in an environment that is welcoming.

That’s why Aaron Sanders and his launch team are there, and it’s why we are still here in Brazoria County building a church for the unchurched, guiding people to take their next step with God. Folks at Coastal invite everybody they meet to their new church. That’s something we can keep doing here as well. Let’s all try to invite at least one person to the Pointe this weekend.

Live bold, Greg


Please Register to Vote…by Tuesday

I am not even going to hint at telling you who to vote for, because that is secondary in the bigger picture of life. What I do care about passionately is that you exercise your precious right to vote, a privilege billions of people in our world will never experience. 

We will have an election next month for President. The day after will be followed with joy & celebration, shock and sadness, and apathy; no matter who wins. Here’s something to consider in perspective.  After each national election cycle, whether the party in power retains office or is voted out, we will have a peaceful transition – no bloody coups, no mysterious deaths, no civil war. It’s not that way in other parts of our world. And the reason for that peaceful outcome is that we know our votes make a difference.

Voting, and the peace it ensures in our country, is a right many could stand to appreciate more. Besides, there are a lot of other elected positions on the ballot next month. All of those offices – national, state or local matter.

Voting is not only a right in our country; I believe it is also a responsibility that, as Christ followers, we should gratefully embrace. Jesus said, “From everyone who has been given much, much will be required; and to whom they entrusted much, of him they will ask all the more.” We have been given more than we realize in this nation. Let us appreciate, respect, and embrace it. For now that means be sure you have registered.

Live bold, Greg

The last day to register in Texas is this Tuesday, October 9th. You can pick up Voter Registration cards at the Courthouse in Angleton as well as the Tax Offices in Lake Jackson, Sweeny, West Columbia and Manvel. This Sunday, we’ll have them at the Next Step Center in the Foyer. If you mail it in it must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, October 9th.


I see work has begun!

For years the question I’ve heard from friends in the community has been, “When are you guys going to start building?” I’m sure you’ve heard it too. Somehow telling them about wetlands studies, water line right-of-ways, core samples, digging a retention pond, building a pad, and finally, removing overfill dirt… never seemed to connect with them. They would simply smile, respond with “that’s great” and walk away thinking, “They haven’t started yet.”

But now, isn’t it fun when people come up and say, “I see work has begun!” That’s right, it has. Now we can see heavy machinery, survey stakes and people moving around. Work has begun in earnest. A new entrance has been installed and site work is well underway as work on drainage, utilities, parking lots and the foundation are now moving forward.

This time next year we should be worshiping in our new home. But let’s remember that our church is as it always has been – a group of people united by the lordship of Jesus Christ, following where He leads, and guiding people far from God to take their next step with Him. As we walk through a series of last times this year – last fall at Dixie Drive, last Christmas Eve-Eve, last Easter – let’s continue being who God called us to be, a church for the unchurched.

Live bold, Greg